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Establish new medical residency programs!

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Healthy Rural California launched in January 2020, just over a year after the Camp Fire and just before the pandemic hit. Another fire in August 2020 and another in July 2021. Despite all of these disasters, our Graduate Medical Education Committee marches toward establishing the only Psychiatry Residency north of Sacramento in the entire rural region of Northern California. Our Consortium also seeks to help establish a Family Medicine residency. With chronic access to care issues and multiple disasters, the only way we know how to bring more doctors to the area is through medical residency programs. We are on track to have Psychiatry Residents arrive at our clinical facilities in Northern Butte County in the summer of 2023. We seek $500,000 from donations so that we can recruit the best Program Director, coordinator, faculty and psychiatry residents and build an innovative curriculum embedded with Trauma-Informed Care and Health Equity. Healthy Rural California is building our programs to support our community and region, and we seek launch funds from our community and region to make our launch successful!